Corporate Overview

As an investment company, established in 2007 with focuses on sustainable industries beneficial for corporate entities and the society, CSC Vietnam has succeeded in domestic market and deployed effectively in developed markets such as the United States, Singapore; we are looking for further opportunities worldwide amidst Vietnam's global integration.

In the agricultural sector, CSC Vietnam chooses to invest in reliable companies. We are proud to have invested in The PAN Group, where we function both as a major shareholder and as a contributor together with reputable financial institutions in the world such as IFC (World Bank), TAEL Partners, Mutual Fund Elite, etc. We hope to use our experience and knowledge to help build the PAN Group into the leading food and agricultural corporation in Vietnam. PAN is currently heavily invested in a large group of affiliates who are positioned at the top of their respective fields. The Group provides quality agricultural and food products and expects to expand its business to meet the increasing demand of both domestic and foreign markets.

Regarding our real estate business, we are happy to announce that with a total office area of nearly 2000m2, CSC Business Center is one of the top providers of serviced offices in Vietnam.  We currently host customers from all continents (except Antarctica)!  Given that our offices serve such diverse populations, we hope you see us not simply as a place where you can come to work, but also as a place where you can meet other professionals for mutual benefits. 

In education, as a managing partner of the University of Hawaii’s Vietnam Executive MBA program, CSC Edu has organized several workshops on “hot” topics for professionals in Hanoi. By inviting well-known professors, leading experts, and successful business people to these workshops, we facilitate the connection between theory and practice, scientists and entrepreneurs, and academic knowledge and business application.  We will continue to host such events in the future and we hope that you can join us!

We understand that capital and physical assets are important but building a network with professional skills, enthusiasm, passion and a strong sense of ethics is also a critical factor for success.  We hope to be not just the place where you work, but also the place where you can find these other, less tangible, resources needed to succeed.